Beginner MF Sorceress Guide

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This beginner MF soreceress guide aims to inform beginners about possible starting gear and builds for a magic find hybrid cold and fire damage sorceress to get started in Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction.



At level 90 we do have 101 skill points to spend:

Telekinesis 1 point
Teleport 1 point
Static 1 point
Warmth 1 point
1 Enchant point for your mercenary
Blizzard 20 points
Ice Blast 20 points
Fireball 20 points
Meteor 20 points
Rest into cold mastery (up to -100 with +skills) then synergies for your preferred skills as well as passage skills.

The main skills will be blizzard and ice blast but personally i prefer to max blizzard as soon as possible. Save enough points on the way to get teleport and all passage skills needed for meteor. Afterwards I start maxing Ice Blast followed by Fireball and lastly Meteor. Any remaining points go into synergies of your choice.


Strength: Enough to wear our gear
Dexterity: None
Vitality: Rest
Energy: None, you’ll learn the drill…


Budget Build:

• Helmet with 3 sockets and 3 perfect topaz
• Armor with 4 sockets and 4 perfect topaz
• Sword with 4 sockets and Spirit runeword (try to get a 33+ fcr one)
• Wall of the eyeless shield with perfect diamond or ancients pledge for resistances
• Goldwrap belt
• Amulet with +skills / magic find / all resistances > anything will do at the start
• 10fcr ring + adds > anything will do at the start
• Magic find ring / Nagel ring 20mf+
• Any magic find % boots you can find / shop > anything will do at the start
• Any magic find % gloves you can find / shop > anything will do at the start.

Description :

This build is super cheap. Most of the items are shoppable at the vendors. You will not have the greatest damage or the best resistances, but it will get you going and enable you to start magic farming your first areas. If you can’t get hold of a spirit with more than 33+ fcr simply add another 10fcr ring or 10fcr amulet for the 63fcr breakpoint and if you can’t afford or find a monarch start with Ancients pledge or Wall of the Eyeless (you can get the runes for ancient’s pledge in act 5 by finishing the quest for Qual-Kehk!).

Use everything that might help you clear faster, safer or boost your magic find even further for your switch side. Fill your inventory with charms you find on your way that might help you! Everything is useful: life, resistances or magic find. Use gem shrines, which you will find quite easily in the first levels of act 1 in order to get perfect topazes faster. Finishing the Hellforge quest in act 4 might also help quite a lot!

Tal Set Build:

• Tal Rasha Mask with perfect topaz
• Tal Rasha Armor with perfect topaz
• Tal Rasha Orb (try to get a 2 cold mastery 2 fire mastery one!)
• Tal Rasha Belt
• Tal Rasha Amulet
• Trang Oul / Magefist gloves or Chance Guards
• Spirit Monarch (Try to get a 35fcr one)
• 2x Nagel Ring (The highest MF you can find / afford)
• War Traveler / Any magic find % boots

Description :

As long as it isn’t super early Ladder or early game, this build is pretty affordable! It offers the same magic find than the previous build and your damage will increase by far, increasing your clear speed as well as your resistances. You can decide between the 63% FCR and 105% FCR breakpoint by choosing either chance guards or FCR gloves. If you’re going for the 105% FCR, try to get a 35fcr Spirit Monarch in order to hit the breakpoint easier and if you can’t afford or roll one yourself, switch one Nagel/ MF-Ring for a 10fcr one.

This does not matter if you’re going for the 63% FCR breakpoint though. Magic find will be around 300%, which is decent enough to farm. I’m actually using this build myself quite often around Week 2 on Ladder. For the switch you can either add more MF and switch right before you kill bosses or add Call to Arms + Bo spirit, which will help you farm way safer and faster.

High Tier Build:

• Shako Ist’d
• The Oculus Ist’d
• Tal Rasha Armor Ist’d
• Tal Amulet
• Tal Belt 15% MF
• Chance Guards 40% MF
• Spirit 35% FCR
• 2x Nagel Ring 30% MF
• War Traveler 50% MF
• Gheeds 40% MF
• 7MF small charms
• CTA + Bo Spirit
• Sorceress Torch

Descrition :

This build will add up a whopping 500 % MF and more depending on your 7% MF small charms! You will clear everything quite easily while farming at maximum speed with top magic find %. Therefore, you will have the best chances of finding magical items !


Budget Build:
Get an act 2 nightmare difficulty defensive mercenary and equip him with anything you find along the way! The only item I suggest is the runeword Insight (Ral Tir Tal Sol in a 4 socketed polearm, you can find the runes quite easily at nightmare countess!). Insight equips your mercenary with a level 12-17 mediation aura which will help you to reduce your need for mana potions. Don’t waste trading items on him besides Insight, rather upgrade your gear!

Tal Set:
Act 2 nightmare defensive mercenary
Vampire Gaze
Treachery (Shael Thul Lem in an ethereal 3 socketed elite armor)
Insight ethereal elite polearm

High Tier:
Act 2 nightmare offensive mercenary
Andariels Visage Ist’d
Ethereal Tomb Reaver with 3 sockets (3x Ist) and the highest stats you can get!
Fortitude (El Sol Do Lo) in ethereal armor

Beginner MF Sorceress gameplay :

You want to maximize your drop chances and try to farm as efficient as possible. Start by faming at the Mausoleum beneath the Burial Grounds in act 1. It’s a level 85 Area with of 4-5 Boss groups which can drop every item in the game. Next stop is The Pit which you can find easily by following the path in the Tamoe Highland starting at the Outer Cloister. It can be tricky to clear at first but, since you’re a hybrid sorceress, you should be fine and safe. Level 1 and 2 will spawn between 8 to 11 Boss Packs with the same drop chances as the mausoleum. Continue with Andariel, then switch to act 2 for another Level 85 Area, the Ancient Tunnels. They almost never spawn cold immunes and have great monster density with 6-8 Boss Packs.

Once you feel strong enough you can add the chaos sanctuary in Act 4 to your list as well as the Worldstone Keep Level 1, 2 and 3 as well as the Throne and Baal himself. Try to keep your resistances maxed and a strong merc for cold & fire immune monsters. 
Good luck finding your desired items!!

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