Uber Smiter Guide

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The Uber Smiter is a Paladin build that specialises in farming Hellfire Torches.


  • Inexpensive to build.
  • Very efficient for the purpose of farming Ubers.


  • Smiters are not well suited to clear other game content.


The following steps are necessary to begin the Uber Tristram Event:

  1. Acquire three sets of keys either through farming or trading. Hell Countess, Summoner and Nihlathak have a small chance of dropping a Key of Terror, Key of Hate and Key of Destruction respectively. That’s 9 keys total.
  • Use the Horadric Cube to combine each set of keys, one at a time in a single game. This will open three separate portals to Lilith (Andariel’s Mom), Uber Izual and Uber Duriel. When defeated, they will drop Baal’s Eye, Mephisto’s Brain and Diablo’s Horn (Organs). Izual and Duriel are very tame but Lilith hits like a truck. A source of Decrepify (Lawbringer or The Reaper’s Toll on your Mercenary) works wonders to cut down her damage output.
  • Use the Horadric Cube to combine these organs to create the portal to Uber Tristram.

Character Stats


Attack speed breakpoints are determined based on the weapon base being used and the level of your active Fanaticism Aura. See below in the Itemisation section for specific breakpoints.


Resistances are your biggest concern when it comes to surviving Ubers. Regular Hell Difficulty already gives a penalty of -100 All Resistances. On top of that, Uber Mephisto has a level 20 Conviction Aura which is a further -125 All Resistances. This can be countered either by stacking up to 300 resistances through your gear, charms and buffs, or by using a Level 21+ Conviction to overpower it.

Life Tap is the most common way to sustain your health during an Uber Run. You can easily shop for a wand with Life Tap charges and use that on your weapon switch. Dracul’s Grasp gloves are the best option for higher-budget Smiters although other items such as Marrowwalk, Last Wish and Exile are also passable.

Integer Fire Absorb is an alternative to Life Tap (you do not need both). The only effective source of Integer Fire Absorb is The Rising Sun amulet which can give up to 74 Fire Absorb based on Character Level – enough to outheal all other damage sources in Uber Tristram. To maximise healing, a Smiter should have between 30-45 Fire Resistance under Uber Mephisto’s Conviction Aura. Absorb builds are dirt cheap but only effective versus the three main Ubers – not the Organ Bosses.

Blocking: Uber Smiters should aim for Max Block (75%) since it gives a big boost to survivability without needing to sink too many stat points into Dexterity thanks to a high level Holy Shield.


Crushing Blow is the main source of damage for an Uber Smiter. On players 1, Uber Diablo has 642,700 life. Smite itself deals relatively low damage but each crushing blow deals 1/8th of the target’s remaining life pool (reduced by their physical resistance). This means that each successive crushing blow will deal less and less damage as the target’s life approaches zero.

+Damage is a stat that can be found on several items and is added to your Shield’s base damage. The most relevant weapons with this stat are Grief and Astreon’s Iron Ward. This stat should not be confused with +Min / Max Damage which does not work with Smite. Another thing to note is that the damage displayed on your character screen does not factor in the +Damage but it is applied in practise.

+Skills are a very high-scaling damage stat for Uber Smiters. Each point increases the damage of your basic Smite, the bonus given by Fanaticism Aura and the damage bonus given by Holy Shield.

Open Wounds is also necessary for an Uber Smiter – a single source from any item slot is enough. The ability does not deal much damage but it prevents monster health regeneration. Without an application of Open Wounds, Uber Baal will regenerate for over 16,000 life per second.

Off-Weapon Enhanced Damage will affect your Smite. The two most relevant examples are Fortitude and Enhanced Damage Jewels that are socketed in an armor slot.

Strength gives 1% Enhanced Damage for each point in Strength, however, it is a very low stat priority since a standard Uber Smiter will naturally have over 1000% Enhanced Damage between his items, auras and skills.

% Chance to Cast (Ability) works with Smite. Relevant abilities include Life Tap (Dracul’s Grasp, Last Wish), Static Field (Crescent Moon, Stormlash), Diablo’s Firestorm (Hellfire Torch) and Amplify Damage (Lacerator). Note that Phoenix also has a chance to cast Firestorm but this is not the Diablo version and results in a 15 Frame Casting Delay – do not use it!


  • Prevent Monster Heal (Ubers are Immune)
  • Freezes Target
  • Life and Mana Stolen Per Hit
  • Deadly Strike and Critical Strike
  • Enhanced Damage on your Weapon
  • Enhanced Damage to Demons (No Laying of Hands)
  • Elemental Damage from Charms
  • +Min / Max Damage

STRENGTH: Enough to equip items

DEXTERITY: Enough for Max Block (Keep adding until your chance to block reads 75%)

VITALITY: All Remaining Points


Skill Distribution

20 Smite

20 Holy Shield

20 Fanaticism

1 Holy Bolt

1 Charge

1 Blessed Hammer

1 Might

1 Blessed Aim

1 Concentration

Remaining Skill points should be distributed depending on your itemisation:

For low budget builds, using a high level Conviction Aura to counter Mephisto is the easiest option since you won’t have to stack resists:

20 Conviction

1 Holy Fire

1 Thorns

1 Holy Freeze

1 Sanctuary

Alternatively, you can put a single point into Salvation Aura for low to mid budget builds that stack resists.

High Budget builds rely on items for Resistances and run Fanaticism 24/7 which leaves a large number of leftover skill points. Some people choose to stack their resists even further by putting points into Resist Fire and Resist Lightning. Every 2 points in these auras grants a passive +1 Maximum Lightning or Fire Resist but this is overkill. A more interesting option is to max out Zeal and Sacrifice which is possible by level 95 and will give your character more utility for other game content.

20 Sacrifice

20 Zeal



Helm: 3 Socket Helm with 3 Perfect Rubies

Amulet: The Rising Sun

Weapon: Black Flail

Armor: 4 Socket Armor with 4 Perfect Rubies

Shield: 4 Socket Paladin Shield with 30+ All Resistances on the base + 4 Perfect Diamonds (Larzuk Quest will give 4 sockets)

Gloves: Any Gloves with 20 IAS

Belt: Any Crafted Blood Belt OR Death’s Guard if available.

Boots: Boots with Lightning Resistances

Ring 1: Ring with Lightning Resistances

Ring 2: Any Rare Ring with good stats

Weapon Switch: Wand of Life Tap

Shield Switch: Another Paladin Shield with Perfect Diamonds if available.

*Pro tip: Thawing Potions and Antidotes give +50 Resistance and +10 Maximum Resistance for their respective elements for 30 seconds when consumed. Drinking multiple potions will the duration by 30 seconds per potion so you can simply drink a few before starting the encounter.


Any charms with +Life and/or +Resistances that are available.

Your Mercenary will not survive Uber Tristram.


Flail / Smite / Conviction

10 Frames = 0 IAS

9 Frames = 13 IAS

8 Frames = 30 IAS

Flail / Smite / Level 20 Fanaticism

8 Frames = 0 IAS

7 Frames = 6 IAS

6 Frames = 35 IAS < Maximum Reached


Helm: Guillaume’s Face

Amulet: Mara’s Kaleidoscope

Weapon: Black Flail

Armor: Any Treachery Armor

Shield: Herald of Zakarum + Perfect Diamond

Gloves: Dracul’s Grasp

Belt: String of Ears

Boots: Goblin Toe

Ring 1: Any Rare Ring (Strength, Dexterity, Life and Resistances are good stats)

Ring 2: Raven Frost

Weapon Switch: Wand of Life Tap

Shield Switch: 4 Socket Paladin Shield with 30+ All Resistances on the base + 4 Perfect Diamonds


Any charms with +Life and/or +Resistances that are available.

Any Paladin Combat Skill Grand Charms that are available.

Low-End Annihilus

Your Mercenary will not survive Uber Tristram but may help versus Organ Bosses

Nightmare Defensive Mercenary (Might Aura)

Merc Helm: Tal Rasha’s Horadric Crest

Merc Weapon: The Reaper’s Toll

Merc Armor: Any Treachery Armor


Flail / Smite / Conviction OR Salvation

10 Frames = 0 IAS

9 Frames = 13 IAS

8 Frames = 30 IAS

Flail / Smite / Level 24 Fanaticism

8 Frames = 0 IAS

7 Frames = 5 IAS

6 Frames = 34 IAS < Maximum Reached

Thresher / Jab / Level 24 Fanaticism (Merc)

5 Frames = 0 IAS

4.5 Frames = 11 IAS

4 Frames = 39 IAS < Maximum Reached


Helm: Guillaume’s Face + Cham Rune

Amulet: The Rising Sun

Weapon: Grief Phase Blade

Armor: Fortitude Archon Plate

Shield: Herald of Zakarum Zakarum Shield + 10 Fire Resistance / 10 Cold Resistance / 10 Poison Resistance / 40 Lightning Resistance Rare Jewel

Gloves: Crafted Blood Gloves with 30 Lightning Resistance and 20+ Fire Resistance

Belt: Crafted Blood Belt with 30 Lightning Resistance and 20+ Fire Resistance

Boots: Goblin Toe Battle Boots

Ring 1: Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band

Ring 2: Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band

Weapon Switch: Lacerator

Shield Switch: Herald of Zakarum Zakarum Shield + Um Rune



Hellfire Torch (Paladin)

Up to 9x 45 Life Paladin Combat Skill Grand Charm

10x 5 All Resistances / 20 Life Small Charm

Your Mercenary may not survive Uber Tristram but functions well to support a Zeal hybrid

Nightmare Offensive Mercenary (Might Aura)

Merc Helm: Guillaume’s Face + Ber Rune

Merc Weapon: Ethereal The Reaper’s Toll + Ber Rune

Merc Armor: Ethereal-Bugged Treachery Sacred Armor


Phase Blade / Smite / Level 30 Fanaticism

7 Frames = 0 IAS

6 Frames = 6 IAS < Maximum Reached

Thresher / Jab / Level 30 Fanaticism (Merc)

5 Frames = 0 IAS

4.5 Frames = 10 IAS

4 Frames = 37 IAS < Maximum Reached



Gameplay with the low budget Uber Smiter is fairly straight forward. Enter the Tristram Portal and activate Conviction Aura before engaging the Ubers (or it will not cancel Mephisto’s Conviction). Run directly into the centre of Tristram and kill Mephisto first and ignore all other targets. You should soon be surrounded by fiery demons who will be healing you. Afterwards, kill Diablo and Baal at your leisure using Fanaticism Aura. The Wand of Life Tap is used vs. the Organ Bosses and not for Uber Tristram. If you attempt to weapon switch during the fight, you will lose your Conviction protection. You will experience periodic damage spikes so having a belt of Full Rejuvenation Potions handy will make your run smoother.


The medium budget variation uses Life Tap. Start by prebuffing Fade from your Treachery (this can be done easily by standing in one of the fires in Tristram). You may choose to use either Conviction or Salvation – although Salvation requires a little more resistance stacking via the inventory. Start by manually casting Life Tap on the Ubers using your Wand Switch and then Dracul’s Grasp will keep Life Tap up for the remainder of the run. Kill Mephisto first and then switch to Fanaticism Aura.


The high budget version of the build is aimed at maximising run speed. You will need a secondary mule character to enter the game and collect torches as you farm them. This build reverts to the Fire Absorb strategy in order to take advantage of Amplify Damage from Lacerator which more than doubles your damage vs. Uber Mephisto and triples your damage vs. Uber Diablo and Baal. Resistances are stacked (300 Lightning / 250-270 Fire) so stick to Fanaticism Aura. We are deliberately keeping Fire Resist a little low to maximise the Absorption heals, therefore kill Mephisto last.

*If maximising speed is not a high priority, Lacerator / Herald of Zakarum can be substituted with the standard Call to Arms War Scepter in a +3 Holy Shield Base and Spirit.

If you have put points into Zeal and Sacrifice, keep a Highlord’s Wrath and Laying of Hands in your inventory for general PvM.

The High Budget Smiter finishes with approximately:

  • 9700-9800 Raw Smite Damage (Before Amplify Damage)
  • 70% Crushing Blow

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