D2trophy’s affiliate program is the best money earning opportunity if you are a Diablo 2 fansite owner, youtuber, streamer, facebook/reddit group owner, or  anyone who has a Diablo 2 playing audience.

Joining the program is simple, once you registered as an affiliate, log in to affiliate-home. In the Creatives menu, you will find your affiliate reflink, and our affiliate banner. Put the banner or your reflink on the platform you plan to advertise on, and receive 25% commission after all the orders from customers brought to D2trophy by you. At the affiliate-home, you will also be able to see your account balance, the number of visitors brought to the site by you, the number of orders they placed, a list of referral orders and your payment history. The minimum payout amount is 30 USD, and affiliate payments are sent weekly by paypal. You will receive an e-mail notification after each referral order. By joining our program, you agree to our affiliate terms and conditions.

Let the statistics speak for themselves, a baseline earning for our average affiliate is 10$ / 1000 banner/reflink views, several times higher than any other advertisement opportunity. This number can get significantly higher if you actively encourage your audience to try our services.

How come the program is so effective? D2trophy provides the best quality service in Diablo 2, the widest item selection on the cheapest prices, delivered instantly, while our 25% commission is the highest on the market.

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