Aura Paladin Guide

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This guide will show you the strengths of a very item specific buid: the auradin! The auradin uses a combination of different items to stack different auras – holy shock, holy fire, conviction, and fanatism – on top of each other to reach the maximum possible elemental damage with his main attack skill – zeal. Even though it’s a very expensive build, it’s one of the most fun builds you can play since most enemies will die before you even see them appear on your screen!

At level 90 we do have 101 skill points to spend:
20 Resist Fire
20 Resist Lightning
25 Conviction (including +skills from your gear)
20 Holy Shield
5 Zeal (including +skills from your gear)
1 Redemption
1 Vigor
12 Passage skills
Rest into sacrifice

Why do I put points into resist fire and lightning?
Putting points in these defensive aura grants you two bonuses. The important one is each hard-set point in resist fire grants you +18% extra damage to holy fire and every hard-set point into resist lightning grants you +12% extra damage to holy shock.
The other bonus is passive and grants +1 max resistance for every 2 hard-set points into resist fire, cold, and lightning; thus we gain 10 max resist vs fire and lightning.

When do I start maxing holy shield?
Whenever you feel like you really need it!

Why do I only put 25 points into conviction?
Conviction lowers the enemy resistances by -5% per point spent, but caps at -150%. Therefore, it’s not efficient to spend more than 25 points (including +skills from your gear) into conviction.

Strength: Enough to wear our gear
Dexterity: Enough to reach 75% block (maximum block chance)
Vitality: Rest
Energy: None, you’ll learn the drill…

In this special case, we only got one item build we can use in order to maximize our damage and to take use of all the auras mentioned in the introduction. 

High Tier Build:
• Dream runeword (Io Jah Pul) in elite 3 socket helmet base of your choice
• Hand of Justice runeword (Sur Cham Amn Lo) in 15ed / 3ar 5s Phaseblade
• Dragon runeword (Sur Lo Sol) in elite 3 socket armor base
• Highlord’s wraith amulet
• Verdungo’s Hearty Cord 40 Vitality, 15 Damage Reduction, and 13 Liferep
• Dracul’s Grasp gloves 10 lifeleech 15 strength 10 life after each kill
• Dream runeword (Io Jah Pul) in 3 socketed Sacred Targe Shield with 45 all resistances 
• Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band with 5% Lifeleech
• Raven Frost ring 20dex / 250ar
• Gore Rider boots upgraded
• Call to Arms 6/6/4 runeword (Amn Ral Mal Ist Ohm) + Bo Spirit (Tal Thul Ort Amn)
• Paladin Torch 20/20/5
• Annihilius 20/20/10
• As many 3 Max Dmg / 20 Ar / 20 Life or 20Life / 5res small charms as you can afford!

Each Dream runeword grants you a level 15 holy shock aura, but with one particularity: these auras will stack on top of each other – granting you a level 30 holy shock aura in total! On top of your level 30 holy shock aura Hand of Justice will grant you a level 16 Holy Fire aura, while Dragon will give you a level 14 Holy Fire aura! These will stack up as well and grant you a level 30 Holy Fire. With maxed synergies and Conviction aura on top you will deal incredible high elemental damage before you even start hitting your enemies! On top you will get a level 15 fanatism aura from your merc, which boosts your physical damage even further while granting you more attackspeed bonus and attackrating for ages! 


High-Tier Build:
Act 1 bow mercenary with frozen arrow
Delirium runeword (Lem Ist Io) in 3s elite armor helmet
Fortitude runeword (El Sol Dol Lo) in eth elite armor base
Faith runeword (Ohm Jah Lem Eld) in diamond bow

There is only one thing you have to do: Run around your enemies!! There is absolutely nothing they will be able to do in order to avoid your damage. Most monsters will drop dead before you even see them on your screen! If there are monsters that might be immune to your elemental damage – even though you’re using your conviction aura – you still got your zeal and physical damage to stomp them! No monster in the game will be totally immune versus your build, since you are using almost every single source of damage implemented in the game.

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