Complete Ladder selection is available on both softcore and hardcore!

Dear customers,

a new Ladder reset is here, and D2trophy is dedicated to offer a great selection of items on the cheapest available prices to all of you.

Keep checking the site, as we are still adding new products and do price updates everyday. Some great new site features are on the way, including free givings and highend items, so stay tuned 😉


Highend items available in selection now! Buy them with 25% discount until friday!

Each item is on our stocks, you will get the exact item that is shown in our selection. Once an item is bought, it will be taken off from our selection.

Make sure to select the right realm in order to be able to view our products.

Europe Ladder Highend Items
East Ladder Highend Items
West Ladder Highend Items


Free Chests Arrived! New selection, Hardcore, first order frees, 20% off coupon are here!

Dear Diablo 2 players,

Besides the new selection and lowered prices, we have some additional news.

For all our members who registers to we provide a Free Chest, that may contain 5 of the following items: Gul rune, Hoto Flail, Shako, Mara’s Kaleidoscope, BK ring, Stormshield, Skullder’s, Raven Frost, Alibaba, Highlord’s Wrath

You can receive a Free Chest for inviting a friend aswell! Just enter his e-mail address in the application form. Once he registers with that e-mail, you will get your free items!

In addition, we raised the value limit of first order free items, and now you can choose 2 items! You will also get a 20% OFF coupon automaticly applied to your first order!

Check out our new selection, 08, Bugged items, full builds, unmade runewords, hardcore ladder items and a lot more have been added now!


Free items, giveaways and huge discounts at D2trophy.

We have some good news for our fellow Diablo 2 players. Now that the Ladder reset is here, D2trophy is starting free giving and discount campaigns! Free ladder items and huge discounts are available for our registered members.

Welcome free!

After registering you will be able to order a free item of your choice from our Welcome Free selection. All you need to do is register, select your realm and core, and put your chosen item in your cart with your first order (cart value must exceed 1.5$).  Your selected item will be given to you shortly on a new account.

Free gifts!

After placing your order, you will be given an option to choose between 20 life / 7 magic find / 5 all resistances small charm as a gift.

Discount coupons!

D2trophy will gift you with a 20% discount coupon after registry, and a 10% one after each of your orders! Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and receive additional discount and store credit coupons!

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