Act 4 – Quests, rewards, unique monsters and general tips

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  1. Act of the 4th act
  2. General tips for the 4th act
  3. Quests of act 4
  4. The unique monsters of the 4th act

After passing through the portal opened at the death of Mephisto in the Dungeon of Hatred, you arrive in Act 4 at the Fortress of Madness, the last bulwark of heaven at the gates of hell. In the fortress you will meet four NPCs who offer quests and various services: The merchant and gambler Jamella, the merchant Halbu, Deckard Cain and the archangel Tyrael.

1. Act of the 4th act

The Fortress of Madness was built at the dawn of time as the last outpost of the Host of Heaven before the gates of Hell. Countless warriors of light have fallen here in the fight against evil. If Diablo is not stopped, the human kingdom will literally turn into Hell on Earth. Tyrael has been forbidden by the other archangels to interfere with destiny, but he will stand by your side with his knowledge in the search for Diablo.

2. General tips for the 4th act

  • The areas in the 4th act are linear, i.e. there is only one input or output for each level. Furthermore there are no dungeons, caves or similar. All monsters are therefore romping around in the areas, so that you must always be on your guard to avoid running into a pack of monsters.
  • At the Flame River and Chaos Sanctuary, monster density reaches its peak and enemies become very strong. It is important that you have enough rolls of the city portal with you, and that you set up the portals ahead of time so that you can retreat quickly if necessary. Top equipment goes without saying when fighting against Diablo.

3. Quests of act 4

Finding and killing
on the level of
Valuable item from Izual
and two extra skill points
from Tyrael
The Forge of
Kill the blacksmith
at the Flame River
and use his
hammer to destroy
soul stone with the
help of the
Several high
quality gemstones
of the
Find the Chaos Sanctuary and
kill Diablo
Several valuable items,
unlocking the 5th act in the “Lord of Destruction”

4. The unique monsters of the 4th act

In addition to champion monsters, the unique monsters, including act and quest bosses, are a great place to go when it comes to the best items in the game. Below you will find those of the 4th act.

Note: The monster enchantments listed here are basic abilities, with additional abilities added depending on the difficulty level of the game (Normal, Nightmare, Hell). Furthermore, all of the above-mentioned resistances in the difficulty level Hell become immunities, e.g. Lightning Resistant -> Immune to Lightning Attacks.

IzualLevel of desperationCold enchanted with strong attacks
Hephaisto theblacksmithFlame flowAura Enchanted, Spectral Attacks, Magic
Grand Vizier of ChaosCaos
Fire Enchanted, Extra Strong
Lord de SeisCaos
Auraver Charm (Fanaticism), Extra Strong
The poisoner of souls
Spectral attacks, Very fast
Enchanted by cold, fire and lightning with very strong attacks, bone prison
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