Act 2 – Quests, rewards, unique monsters and general tips

  1. Act of the 2nd act
  2. General tips for the 2nd act
  3. Quests of act 2
  4. Single monsters of the 2nd act

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At the beginning of the second act of Diablo 2 you arrive in Lut Gholein, a port city at the foothills of the Aranoch desert. Like the camp of the hunters in the first act, Lut Gholein serves as a base for the rest of the game. The city’s most important NPCs are the blacksmith Fara, the traders Drognan and Lysander, the gambler Elzix and the mercenary leader Greiz. As usual, you will receive quests from the Emir of the city, Jerhyn, the innkeeper Atma and the ever-present Deckard Cain, among others.

1. Act of the 2nd act

Jerhyn welcomes you at the city fountain after your arrival in Lut Gholein. He tells of the horrors that lurk outside the gates in the desert and that haunt the city at night. Evil befell the inhabitants when a lone wanderer passed through the city on his way to the Tomb of Tal Rasha. Your task is to get to the bottom of it.

2. General tips for the 2nd act

◦ The monsters in Act 2 are much stronger than in Act 1. Furthermore, their resistance to attacks increases noticeably. You should therefore stock up on better equipment and weapons during the Radament quest in the city sewers.
◦ The deserts of Aranoch are full of precious items. Make sure you have enough city portal scrolls with you to be able to sell the items quickly in the city.
◦ With the Horadic Cube you will receive during your adventures in Act 2, you can, among other things, upgrade your previously hoarded gems and use them in socketed armor and weapons.

3. Quests of act 2

Radament in
the sewer kill 
An extra skill point through the Book of Radament,
Scroll of Horadrim,
10% discount
on all merchants in town
The Staff
Find the items
for the Staff of
Horadrim: Cube (Halls of the
Dead), shaft
(worm vault),
(Temple of the
Clawed Vipers)
Staff of Horadrim (assembled
using the cube), access to Tal
Rasha’s vault
Destroy the
Altar of Clawed
Tip of the staff of Horadrim
(amulet), end of
the solar eclipse
The Secret SanctuaryThe Secret
Sanctuary in
Palace finds
Access to the Gorge of Mages
after the
Necromancer is killed
Kill Horazon in
the Secret
Sanctuary and
read his book
Revelation of the symbol of
the true tomb of Tal Rasha,
access to the gorge of the
magicians with the tomb
Kill the
Kill Duriel in
the tomb in
the True Tomb
Valley of Rasha
(the staff of the
Horadrim is
needed to open
Various high-quality objects,
unlocking of the 3rd act

4. Single monsters of the 2nd act

In addition to champion monsters, the unique monsters, including act and quest bosses, are a great place to go when it comes to the best items in the game. Below you will find those of the 2nd act.

Note: The monster enchantments listed here are basic abilities, with additional abilities added depending on the difficulty level of the game (Normal, Nightmare, Hell). Furthermore, all of the above-mentioned resistances in the difficulty level Hell become immunities, e.g. Lightning Resistant -> Immune to Lightning Attacks.

RadamentSewer, Level 3 Very fast, poison/cold resistant
CrawlingStone Tomb,
Level 2
Extra Strong, Cold Enchanted
Blood WitchThe Wild Halls of
the Dead, Level 3
Extra Strong, Cursed
Beetle chewDistant Oasis Magic Resistant
Cold Worm of the TombsWorm Vault,
Level 3
Cold Enchanted, Magic Resistant, Very strong poison on death
Forgotten CityVery Fast, Magic Resistant
Temple of Clawed
Vipers, Level 2 
Very Fast, Lightning Enchanted
Fire eyePalace Cellar,
Level 3
Very fast, Fire Enchanted
The RefugeExtra strong, Very fast,
Fire/cold/lightning resistant
Kaa the
Tal Rasha’s grave
(one of the graves)
Extra strong, Lightning Enchanted, Magic Resistant
DurielTal Rasha’s grave (the actual grave)Cold enchanted with very strong
attacks, fire/cold/lightning/poison

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