Free Chests Arrived! New selection, Hardcore, first order frees, 20% off coupon are here!


Dear Diablo 2 players,

Besides the new selection and lowered prices, we have some additional news.

For all our members who registers to we provide a Free Chest, that may contain 5 of the following items: Gul rune, Hoto Flail, Shako, Mara’s Kaleidoscope, BK ring, Stormshield, Skullder’s, Raven Frost, Alibaba, Highlord’s Wrath

You can receive a Free Chest for inviting a friend aswell! Just enter his e-mail address in the application form. Once he registers with that e-mail, you will get your free items!

In addition, we raised the value limit of first order free items, and now you can choose 2 items! You will also get a 20% OFF coupon automaticly applied to your first order!

Check out our new selection, 08, Bugged items, full builds, unmade runewords, hardcore ladder items and a lot more have been added now!

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