Act 5 – Quests, rewards, unique monsters and general tips

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  1. Act of the 5th act
  2. General tips for act 5
  3. Quests of act 5
  4. Single monsters of the 5th act

At the beginning of the 5th act of Diablo 2 you start in the Fortress of Madness in the 4th act of the main game. First talk to Deckard Cain and Tyrael, who then opens a portal to Harrogath in the Lord of Destruction expansion. Like the camp of the hunters in the first act, Harrogath serves as a base for action and quests throughout the rest of the game. The city’s most important NPCs are the alchemist Malah, the blacksmith Larzuk, the barbarian warlord Qual-Kehk, the wise man Nihlathak, the orphan Anya, who also offers gambling among other things, and the ever-present Deckard Cain.

1. Act of the 5th act

Mephisto and Diablo are destroyed, but the last great evil, Baal, has escaped to the barbaric lands in the north. He is in search of the mythical Worldstone, which created and balances the heavenly, demonic and human kingdoms. If he succeeds in controlling the stone, the gates of hell will be opened and the heavens as well as the earth will be doomed. Your task is to prevent Baal and his hosts from doing their bidding.

2. General tips for the act 5

  • The monsters and enemy fortifications of Act 5 are much more tricky than those of the basic game. Goblins, for example, can teleport and cast strong fire spells, Death Thrashers can shoot thorns from the ground, catapults can shoot strong poisons, and so on. So don’t overestimate yourself when you attack!
  • Throughout Act 5 a high fire resistance is very helpful.
  • There’s a lot of gold treasure chests in Act Five with good loot.
  • New items, the runes, can be inserted into socketed items. They not only grant individual bonuses, but in certain combinations, additional rune-word bonuses.
  • Quest boss Nihlathak will send you to the afterlife with explosions of the bodies of monsters you’ve killed if you’re not careful. Be sure to attack with sensitivity!
  • The three barbarian ancestors are also very strong quest opponents. Bring enough healing/mana potions, stay on the move and be prepared to retreat at any time by casting a city portal – especially in hardcore game mode. When a city portal is placed, the barbarians petrify, but can be reactivated at any time by touching the altar.
  • Baal and his pre-bosses in the throne room, especially Lister the Tormentor, are very strong bosses. Retreat as soon as it gets dicey or you need supplies – an already open city portal is mandatory. A mercenary to distract them provides valuable services here.
  • The maximum possible socket number for “white” normal items is given in the official weapon and armor overview. The number of sockets depends on the difficulty level in which the item was found. Socketing “white” items through Larzuk is worthwhile if you want to prepare a high quality item for a certain rune word, for example an archon plate for the 4-socket rune word “Chains of Honor”.

3. Quests of act 5

Siege of HarrogathKill the
A socket for an item
of your choice from
Larzuk; hint: “White”
items get the
maximum possible
number of sockets
(depending on the
game difficulty level)
Rescue on
Free 15 captured
barbarians in the ice
The 3 runes Ral, place
and valley
(for the rune word “Oath
of the Ancestors”) and the
possibility to hire barbarian
mercenaries from Qual-Kehk
Ice PrisonFree Anya from her
prison on Frost River
+10% All resistance
character-specific rare
Treason in
Nihlathak’s temple
Anya will put your name
on an item of your
Rite of
Defeat the
of the
barbarians on
the Arreat
Many experience points,
access to the Weltenstein
Eve of
Defeat Baal in the
chamber of
Various high value items,
game success, unlocking
the next game
difficulty level

4. Single monsters of the 5th act

In addition to champion monsters, the unique monsters, including act and quest bosses, are a great place to go when it comes to the best items in the game. Below you will find those of the 5th act.

Note: The monster enchantments listed here are basic abilities, with additional abilities added depending on the difficulty level of the game (Normal, Nightmare, Hell). Furthermore, all of the above-mentioned resistances in the difficulty level Hell become immunities, e.g. Lightning Resistant -> Immune to Lightning Attacks.

Dac FarrenBloody PromontoryCold Enchanted,
Gift of the supervisorBloody PromontoryExtra strong
Eldritch the JudgeIce highland, tip: directly at the waypointVery fast
Thresher Gambler
Arreat HighlandsCursed
Watery eyes of the
Ice HighlandExtra strong, Very fast
Sharp tooth butcherIce HighlandVery fast
Frost stoneFrost RiverCold Enchanted,
Mana Fire
Bone crusherGlacier pathExtra strong,
magic resistant
Snap-tap ButterflyIce cellarCursed, cold
PeriosteumNihlathak’s temple,
Right near the portalthat opens Anya
Fire Enchanted,
Very Strong
Storm Attacks
NihlathakHalls of VaughtBody explosion,
Baal servants,
arctic wind
Talic (ancestor)Arreat SummitWhirlwind
Madawc (ancestor)Arreat SummitScream, Double Swing
Korlic (ancestor)Arreat SummitJump Attack
Colenzo the Destroyer
(1st servant of
Throne of
Fire Enchanted
Achmel the Cursed
(2nd servant of
Throne of
Bartuc the Bloody
(3rd servant of
Throne of
Lightning Enchanted
Ventar of the unholy
(4th servant of
Throne of
Very fast
Lister of tormentors (5th servant of destruction)Throne of
Spektrale Angriffe,
BaalChamber of the
Aging Curse,Defense
Weakening Curse,
Blood Mana Curse
(you damage
yourself when using
mana spells),
Brandnova, Frost spell with recoil effect,
Mana Burn spell,
Destructive Blow,
Tentacle Spell, Decoy Spell (Baal creates an
image of himself)
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