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Before people discovered the strengths of Hammerdins, Paladins were mostly played as melee characters, foremost as Convictionist or Zealer Paladin. This guide informs about the latter, the Zealer, more precisely the Fanazealer. Fanazealers use the combination of the attack skill zeal with the damage bonus of the aura fanatism.

기술 :
레벨 90에는 101의 스킬 포인트가 사용됩니다 :
20 희생 (열심의 시너지)
20 광신 
성스러운 방패 20 개
1 활기
1 구속
1 구원
8 통행 기술
선택한 기술로 휴식

Our main skill is zeal, but we do not max this skill first, only put 4 points into it. First, we start maxing sacrifice until level 30, then we start maximizing fanatism. Secondly, we max sacrifice and lastly, we start maxing zeal.
Why do we start maximizing sacrifice before we start maximizing zeal?
Sacrifice is a synergy to zeal and grants +12% extra damage per hard-set point, while every extra point into zeal only gets you half of that damage; thus, we maximize sacrifice first.
Extra points can be spent however you need them, for example: If you feel like you’re lacking attack rating put some points into blessed aim! Every hard-set point grants you 5% extra attack rating. Every 2 hard-set point into resistance vs cold / fire / lightning you gain +1 max resistance.

통계 :
강도 : 기어를 충분히 착용
민첩 : 75% 블록에 도달하기에 충분 함 (최대 블록 기회)
활력 : 휴식
에너지 : 없음, 훈련을 배우게됩니다…

아이템 :
어떤 종류의 아이템이 필요합니까? 다음 통계를 가진 모든 것 :
+ 데미지
+ 공격 속도
+ Lifeleech & Manaleech
+ 치명타
+ 분쇄 타격
+ 저항
+ 힘
+ 생활
+ 마나
+ 민첩
+ 빠른 히트 복구

예산 구성 :
• 굴 리아 우메의 얼굴 세트 헬멧 (고아의 부름)
• Lionheart 룬 어가있는 소켓 소켓 3 개 – Hel Lum Fal
• Lightsabre Phaseblade or Baranar’s Star or Astreon’s Iron Ward
• 3 socketed paladin shield with ed/ar automod + Sanctuary runeword Ko Ko Mal
• 귀 끈 벨트
대영주의 망토 부적
• 레이븐 프로스트 링
• Rare ring with stats you’re missing (Lifeleech / Ar / Str / Res / whatever you can get)
• 테어 헌치 부츠
• The Disciple 세트에서 손을 놓는 장갑

This build is super cheap, but it will do the trick! You get everything you need from this build! With the Lightsabre Phaseblade you reach max attack speed with of 4 FPA (Frames per attack). The game splits every second of the game into 25 frames. With zeal you will attack 5 times, which will divide into 4/4/4/4/8 frames each, which is the fastest attack speed you can get with your fanazealer. If you’re on a really tight budget you can start off the with Honor runeword (Amn El Ith Tir Sol), which is a great beginners weapon and available at level 27!

미드 티어 빌드 :
• 굴 리아 우메의 얼굴 세트 헬멧 (고아의 부름)
• 협박 룬 어가있는 소켓 소켓 3 개 – Shael Um Thul
• Oath runeword (Shael Pul Mal Lum) in eth elite sword / axe / mace
• 자카 룸 방패의 전령
• 귀 끈 벨트
대영주의 망토 부적
• Dracul의 손아귀 장갑
• Zakarum의 전령 또는 Spirit Elite Pala Shield 40 @ + (30fcr +를 얻으려고 노력하십시오)
• 불 카 토스의 웨딩 밴드 3-4% Lifeleech
• 20Dex / 200+ Ar의 Raven Frost 링
• 고어 라이더 부츠
• Call to Arms runeword (Amn Ral Mal Ist Ohm) + Bo Spirit (Tal Thul Ort Amn)
• 성기사 토치

This build is solid enough to lead a few people though hell difficulty by yourself already! If you’re facing a physical immune monster – which are actually pretty rare – ignore it and let your merc with his holy freeze aura get the kill, depending on his equipment he will kill them pretty easily. Add Call to Arms + Bo Spirit, which will help you kill your enemies way safer and faster.

고급 구축 :
• 2x 15max 40의 강화 된 데미지 주얼리
• Breath of the Dying runeword (Vex Hel El Eld Zod Eth) in eth Berserker Axe
• 소켓이 4 개인 엘리트 갑옷의 포 티티 룬워드 (엘 솔두로)
• Highlord & #8217;의 레이스 부적
• Verdungo’s Hearty Cord 40 Vitality, 15 Damage Reduction, and 13 Liferep
• 강철 렌드 장갑 20 Str 60ed
• Exile runeword (Vex Ohm Ist Dol) in 4 socketed eth Vortex Shield with 45 all resistances 
• 5% Lifeleech가있는 Bul-Kathos의 웨딩 밴드
• 레이븐 프로스트 링 20dex / 250ar
• 고어 라이더 부츠 업그레이드
• Call to Arms 6/6/4 runeword (Amn Ral Mal Ist Ohm) + Bo Spirit (Tal Thul Ort Amn)
• 성기사 토치 20/20/5
• Annihilius 20/20/10
• As many 3 Max Dmg / 20 Ar / 20 Life or 20Life / 5res small charms as you can afford!

This build will add up everything you can dream of! Tons of Damage, 4FPA attacks, max resisistances, tons of Crushing Blow and Deadly Strike! There won’t be many enemies left to challenge your with this build! It’s very expensive but absolutely worth every penny!


예산 구성 :
Get an act 2 nightmare difficulty defensive mercenary and equip him with anything you find along the way! Rather upgrade your gear before you think about upgrading your merc! If you have trouble with AR you can switch you merc for an act 2 normal difficulty offensive merc with the blessed aim aura. If you want to equip him, I’ll suggest gear as close to yours as possible. Equip him with non-ethereal Bonehew or Reaper’s Toll weapon.

미드-티어 빌드 :
2 막 악몽 방어 용병
미묘한 뱀파이어 시선
미묘한 3 소켓 엘리트 갑옷의 배신 (Shael Thul Lem)
미묘한 보네 우스 또는 사신의 통행료

고층 빌드 :
2 막 악몽 공격 용병
15ias / 30 fire res 보석을 가진 Ethereal Andariels Visage
Pride runeword (Cham Sur Io Lo) in ethereal 4 socketed Colossus Voulge
미묘한 갑옷의 포티 (El Sol Do Lo)

게임 플레이 :
There is only one thing you have to do: Click on the enemies!! Depending on your build you will just melt throw them like a hot knife through butter! There are some more items you can consider adding or switching in your build, foremost weapons: Last Wish in Phaseblade (Jah Mal Jah Sur Jah Ber) or Grief (Eth Tir Lo Mal Ral). Both are excellent options you should consider if you don’t want to use Breath of the Dying.
There are also armors you can consider switching in: Chains of Honor (Dol Um Ber Ist) for better resistances or Enigma (Jah Ith Ber) if you want your Fanazealer to be able to take advantage of teleport!

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