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This is guide aims to inform beginners about possible starting gear and builds for a so called “Java”. The Java or Javazone is an Amazon who takes advantage of javelin improving skills. She is widely known for her incredibly high clearspeed with the right build path. She got one of the highest singletarget and AoE (Area of Effect) damages in the game.

A 90-es szintnél 101 ügyességi pontot tölthetünk el:
20 Lightning Fury (LF)
20 Charged Strike (CS)
20 Lightning Bolt
20 Power Strike
12 Lightning Strike
1 Critical Strike
1 Penetrate
1 Pierce
1 Dodge
1 Avoid
1 Evade
3 Passage skills
Rest into Lightning Strike to max the synergy for Charged Strike / Lightning Fury. 
If you can’t afford the Infinity runeword consider maxing your Valkyrie instead of one LF’s or CS’s synergy in order to deal with lightning immunes.

Our main skills are Lightning Fury and Charged Strike; thus, we max these skills first. Then we max their synergies Lightning Bolt, Power Strike, Lightning Strike. We will be maxed out at level 98. Save a few skill points on your way to level 30 in order to have all passive and magic skills ready as soon as they’re available!
What do I max first? Lightning Fury or Charged Strike?
That depends on your playstyle! If you prefer to fight from the distance and throw javelins, I suggest Lightning Fury, otherwise go for Charged Strike!
Which synergies should I max first?
The order doesn’t really matter as long as you max Lightning Fury and Charged Strike first.
So far, I rely on lightning damage, how do I fight lightning immunes?
There are different approaches, the most common are either some physical damage paired with a strong mercenary or – highly recommended – the Infinity runeword. More information about Infinity in the equipment chapter!

Erő: Elég ahhoz, hogy viseljük a felszerelésünket
Dexterity: Enough to wear out gear
Vitalitás: Pihenés
Energia: Nincs, megtanulod a fúrót ...

Some people like to go for max block, I won’t recommend it. Your passive and magic skills dodge, evade, and avoid will save you often enough if you get into trouble. Since you’re usually behind your mercenary anyways, rather upgrade your life pool!

Milyen tárgyakra van szükségünk? Minden a következő statisztikákkal:
+ Készségek
+ Manaleech / Mana after each Kill
+ Ellenállások
+ Élet
+ Mana
+ Erő
+ Ügyesség
+ Gyorsabb leadási arány

• 2 socketed helmet with Lore runeword – Ort Sol
• 3 socketed armor with Peace runeword – Shael Thul Amn
• Titan’s Revenge Javelins
• Spirit Monarch
• Razortail Belt
• Cat’s Eye Amulet
• Ravenfrost Ring
• Manald Healing Ring
• Silkweave Boots
• Lava-Gout Gloves
• Amazon Torch

This build is super cheap, but it will do the trick! You get everything you need from this build! 
Consider switching to max one synergy vs Valkyrie in order to deal with lightning immunes if you can’t afford Infinity on your merc! Razortail belt will add 33% chance to pierce, pushing it up to 100% with your + skills, meaning basically every javelin with lightning fury will spread into the maximum amout of lightning bolts and multiply your damage into unreached dimensions!

Középszintű építkezés:
• Harlequin Quest
• 3 socketed armor with Treachery runeword – Shael Thul Lem
• Titan’s Revenge Javelins
• Razortail Belt
• Highlord’s Wraith
• 3 Java Skills 20 ias gloves
• Spirit Monarch
• Call to Arms runeword + Spirit Monarch on switch
• Ravenfrost Ring 20 Dex 2xx AR
• Stone of Jordan
• Silkweave Boots
• Amazon Torch

This build uses many +skills items which results in more damage and therefore way more clearspeed. Consider getting Infinity for you merc, this will simplify your life very much! Razortail belt will add 33% chance to pierce, pushing it up to 100% with your + skills, meaning basically every javelin with lightning fury will spread into the maximum amout of lightning bolts and multiply your damage into unreached dimensions!

Magas szintű építkezés:
• Griffon’s Eye Diadem with 15 ias Jewel
• Enigma runeword (Jah Ith Ber) in 3 socketed mageplate / dusk / archon plate
• Ethereal Titan’s Revenge 
• Highlord’s Wraith
• Arachnid Mesh belt
• 2 Java 20 ias rare gloves with adds like manaleech / res / str
• Spirit Monarch 
• Raven Frost Ring 20Dex 240+ Ar
• Rare Triple Res Boots with FRW
• Call to Arms runeword + Phoenix runeword Monarch on switch
• Amazon Torch
• Annihilius

This build will add up everything you can dream of! You will reach the 55 IAS breakpoint for LF and 68 FCR breakpoint for teleporting while having max resistances with small charms! And most importantly: Enigma grants you the best skill in the game: Teleport! Nothing will be able to stop you at this point, not even in an 8 players game in hell difficulty. You will mow down every enemy that crosses your path. To boost your damage even further you can add Javelin Skiller grand charms into your inventory!! Add life/ resistances small charms to boost your survivability and stack resistances you’ve might be missing but let me tell you – it’s not necessary! No monster will ever be able to get close enough to hit you! Whenever you’re running out of mana (oom) just switch to your CTA + Phoenix for one second and let the redemption aura do its work! You’ll basically have infinite mana!
Some people prefer razortail for 100% pierce over arachnid mesh belt as I explained in the Budget- and Mid-Tier build, but I would only consider this an option if you can get a rare / crafted amulet with +2 amazon skills and fcr with adds that match at least highlord’s wraith in order to reach 68% FCR with your amazon, it helps your teleport so much! You already have one of the fastest clear speeds possible in the game and you can basically oneshot every boss like baal or diablo in the game with charged strike! 


Get an act 2 nightmare difficulty defensive mercenary and equip him with anything you find along the way! I suggest you buff him in order to deal with light immunes more easily. 

• Vampire Gaze
• Treachery (Shael Thul Lem) in an ethereal 3 socketed elite armor
• Insight ethereal elite polearm / Reaper’s Toll (ethereal if you can afford it)

Középszintű építkezés:
This is where the fun begins and the Javazon gets really interesting! The most expensive item on your entire build won’t be anything you equip your javazon with, but your mercenary: the infinity runeword. This is – by far – the most important item for your javazon!! I cannot stress this enough, rather stay with the budget build and upgrade your mercenary with Infinity first, it will increase your damage, your clearspeed, and the fun you’re having with the javazon the most since Infinity will break most monster’s light immunity! Wherever you’ve struggled before, the pain is over by now. You’ve released the Kraken!!

• Andariel’s Visage with 15ias / 30fr jewel
• Treachery (Shael Thul Lem) in an ethereal 3 socketed ebug elite armor
• Infinity in eth Giant Thresher

Magas szintű építkezés:
2. törvény rémálom sértő zsoldos
• Ethereal Andariels Visage with a 15ias / 30 fire res jewel
• Fortitude (El Sol Do Lo) in ethereal armor
• Infinity in eth CV

Legendary-Tier Build:
This is extremely expensive to build, but without any compromise!!

• Griffon’s Eye 20/15 260def socketed with 15ias 15res jewel
• 6/40 Matriarchal Javelins or 5/40 eth selfrep rares with adds like 400ed
• Spirit Monarch 15ed/15ed 35FCR 112mana 8abs (for 99% FCR Setup)
• Jeweler’s Monarch of Deflection with 4x 5/5 Light Die Rainbowfacette (for max damage)
• Jeweler’s Dusk Shroud of the Whale with 4x 5/5 Light Die Rainbowfacette
• Crafted 2 Amazon Sk 19+ FCR Str Life Res Amulet
• Raven Frost 20Dex 250ar
• Stone of Jordan
• Arachnid Mesh Belt 120ed
• Tri-Res Rare boots with 30frw 10fhr Fire/Light/Cold -Res 30%+/each
• CTA 6/6/4 + Phoenix 15ed/15ed 15aura 400ed 400def 21abs
• 20/20 Amazon Torch
• 20/20/10 Annihilius

I don’t even know what to write here…if you can afford this one, you probably already know what to do!! 

Once you reach level 30, the real fun will begin! From my experience I can tell you that damage will not be a problem at any time during leveling. You will struggle vs light immunes from time to time, therefore I suggest you get either a strong physical mercenary who is able to handle these immunes or uprade your mercenaries’ weapon to infinity as soon as possible. In general, I suggest you build infinity and upgrade your merc before you consider upgrading your gear! Once you got Infinity on your merc you can solo 8 players chaos and baal runs without any problems. If you can’t afford infinity, consider maxing your Valkyrie skill! Maxed out, this is probably one of the strongest skills in the game, who can even solo bosses without any problems!

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