Druid Summoner Equipment Basic + Merc

Druid Summoner Equipment Basic

Helm: Harlequin Crest Shako
Armor: Enigma Mage Plate 750-759 defense
Belt: Arachnid Mesh Random
Gloves: Magefist Random
Boots: Sandstorm Trek Random
Weapon: Beast Berserker Axe
Shield: Spirit Monarch 30-34% fcr
Amulet: Mara Kaleidoscope +20-24 All Resist
Ring 1: Stone Of Jordan
Ring 2: Stone Of Jordan

Call to Arms Flail
Spirit Monarch – 30-34% FCR

1x Random Annihilus
1x Druid Torch 10-16/10-16
9x Druid Summoning Skills GC (plain)
10x Small Charms 20 To Life

Weapon: Ethereal Insight Colossus Voulge 12-16 Meditation
Armor: Ethereal Bugged Fortitude Archon Plate
Helm: Andariel’s Visage

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